Garden of the Gods - Colorado Springs, CO 2016 - photo by Jacob Boll

Garden of the Gods - Colorado Springs, CO 2016 - photo by Jacob Boll

Mike Talladen

Light Writer

After spending most of my life since 2002 photographing events, landscapes, live performances, portraits, street life, weddings, and whatever else caught my eye and challenged me, I began to focus more and more on nature photography. In 2015 I chased down a childhood dream, landing me in the Amazon rainforest of northern Peru. It was there that I decided to do something more meaningful with my passion.

Using the timeless medium of photography to preserve moments of our ever-changing and declining environment in images, I hope to instill viewers with an enhanced appreciation of the natural world and all living things. I want to empower people to do their best to keep this planet clean, growing, and healthy for all of us for generations to come. As the stewards of this planet it is imperative that we practice and pass on a lifestyle and mindset that nurtures, protects, and gives voice to the voiceless.

With a return trip to North Sumatra planned in early 2020, I will continue documenting the stories of the forests, people, and wildlife in need and the NGO's working day after day to help them. 

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/heer'eyeth/ noun

A homesickness for a home to which you cannot return, a home which maybe never was. The nostalgia, the yearning, the grief for the lost places of your past. 

A Welsh word not easily translated into English, it is believed to be something that cannot be described at all, but this is the more commonly accepted meaning. 

I don't believe it's something inherently negative. There are so many moments, places, things, and souls we cannot revisit except in memories and visual depictions or recordings. It's a big part of what I love about photography. It grants us permission to live in that one sliver of time.

The narrative or point of view will always differ from one viewer to another. The content, message, or story of an image might evoke a memory or a feeling, it might spark a question, it might enlighten, it might inspire, it might even empower one to act. That, to me, is what Hiraeth is.

Hiraeth Diaries celebrates my love of adventure, creativity, and my connection with nature, allowing me to revisit places and things of the past and share that connection with others through photography. 


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