Sumatran Rainforest Aid

Hiraeth Diaries is so excited to be photographing Lee + Elaine's wedding on 10-20-18 at Old Irving Brewing Company! What's even more exciting is that they have decided to help support my Sumatra Campaign by adding the Orangutan Information Centre to their wedding registry!


The Orangutan Information Centre

Committed to protecting the rainforest and wildlife, OIC has established numerous ongoing conservation projects throughout the northern region of Sumatra, Indonesia. With programs such as anti-poaching, community outreach + education,  permaculture reforestation, orangutan rescue, rainforest patrols and more, OIC is in constant need of support both financially and from boots-on-the-ground work in the field.

Many species of wildlife, including the Sumatran elephant, orangutan, rhino, and tiger, are now critically endangered as a direct result of the ever-growing threat of palm oil production in Sumatra.

Pictured above; a rescued Sumatran orangutan known as Mina, and her son, in the Gunung Leuser National Park.




Why Lee + Elaine Are Donating

"Mike and I became friends years ago through comic conventions, and when Elaine and I were thinking of photographers, Mike was our first choice. His story telling through his photography is truly unique and powerful. When we heard Mike was hosting an event showcasing his photography we just had to attend. Through the presentation, we thought there are already so many advocates fighting for the preservation of rainforests out there, but it was Mike’s full story and beautiful photography that truly made the situation so real for us. It is hard to feel like you are trying to make a difference for a place so far from us like Sumatra, but Mike clearly laid out the avenues that we could go through to support, this website is one of them, and that is why we wanted to make it a part of our registry. We see even small donations can make a difference, and especially spreading the word to help a noble cause."



How Will Your Donation Help?

Devastated by corruption, deforestation, human and animal rights violations, poaching, and more, the need for dedicated, Non-Government Organizations to tackle these issues has never been more dire. 

Donations help provide OIC with much needed equipment for wildlife rescue operations, rainforest patrols, reforestation projects, and the funds to ensure their continue work in building hope for Sumatra.

Pictured above; OIC staff perform drone surveillance of natural rainforest land recently purchase by OIC in order to prevent oil palm companies from buying it. Drones help search for any illegal encroachment on the borders of this land.

Interested in volunteer work? Ask me in the Contact page.