HIRAETH: Ten Years on the Road

My first road trip behind a camera took place ten years ago. Still figuring out the basics of photography, I was eager to learn more and put the knowledge I had to practice while continuing to embrace my love of our natural world. I didn't know where this field would take me, and I certainly never imagined I'd be photographing weddings full time, but with every client booking, every plane ticket purchased, every mile added to my odometer, and every photo taken, I am reminded that none of this would be happening without you.

Yeah, you. You're reading this for a reason. This isn't some blog I put together to share publicly with the entire internet. I made this just for you. And a few other people. A handful of other people. Okay, a large group of other people. You're not that special. But you're pretty special - more special than the folks who didn't receive the link to this page. Seriously, though, you're awesome. You're part of this big, wonderful web of helping hands (sounds creepy) that created opportunities for me to follow my passion. Maybe you were a client of mine, or you let me crash on your couch while I was on the road. Perhaps you purchased prints from me, or helped fund my recent conservation trip to Sumatra. Maybe you simply gave me moral support somewhere along the way. Or my personal favorite: maybe you joined me on one of these many adventures show below. Whatever it may have been - thank you.

Thank you times a million, billion, trillion!

This collection of images has been something I've wanted to do for some time now, but something I initially intended to create only for myself. I often find myself scrolling through these on a computer and it feels more like work rather than enjoying their stories. I wanted a way to revisit these places in time without looking at them through a digital screen, I wanted to create a book. While this book is no where near completion - let's be real, it's not even in the beginning phases - I realized it was selfish of me to keep these to myself, year after year. Sharing this with all of you here is the least I can do to say thank you.

To me, all of these images tell the story of my own personal Hiraeth.

Hiraeth; A homesickness for a home to which you cannot return, a home which maybe never was. The nostalgia, the yearning, the grief for the lost places of your past.

I miss all of these moments and places, knowing I can never truly return to them in their same exact form as captured in these images, and that's fine. For now, I share these images chronologically without sharing the context of place or my reason for being there. Maybe you'll notice the nuances and similarities of my approach to creating a frame over time. I hope you enjoy this initial approach towards what I hope will someday be available in print.

This entire journey has taken me across the world. It's helped me grow into who I am today. My recent trip to Sumatra allowed me to dive into some of the environmental issues I care about and provided me with a unique opportunity to help the land, people, and wildlife through my photography. More importantly, I learned just how much of an impact one person can have so long as they take a stand and give voice to the voiceless. One image, or even a single word, can actually make a difference, if only by changing the actions and mindset of one person.

Imagining the possibilities of positive change inspires me to continue along this path.
It keeps me going, and I'm excited for whatever comes next.
And for that, I say again;
Thank you.